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Roll-off dumpster rentals can be immensely beneficial for both dumpster companies and consumers. These containers are especially useful when remodeling homes or during cleaning up after a natural disaster, and are particularly convenient for drop-off, disposal and pick-up services. The exact type of dumpster needed depends on the quantity of waste needing to be removed and the size requirements of the job at hand.

Roll-off dumpsters, also referred to as trolley dumpsters, come in many different sizes that allow them to accommodate larger amounts of debris with ease.

​TDRS will need to know how much trash will need to be thrown out before choosing which dumpster is most suitable for the job. This information should also ensure that we have sufficient space available for our truck to drop the dumpster. Once the size has been determined and the container dropped, the consumer can begin filling it with their debris. Extra fees will be applied if we have to come back to empty the dumpster more than once for additional loads.

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As community members get rid of trash that accumulates in remodeling or cleaning up after natural disasters, roll-off dumpsters enable them to clean out debris without difficulty instead of having to take each piece of garbage out one by one, disposing of them through their own household waste collection.

Roll-off dumpsters can simply be rolled down a driveway by our drop-off driver and dropped where it is most suitable. In some cases where there is greater demand, a second container can be placed on top of the first one allowing the consumer to fill them both simultaneously without having to wait for one dumpster to complete its dump before the next empty one arrives.

If a dumpster is filled up completely considerably earlier than the pick-up date, it may be covered with a tarp until we are able to come back and dump it out on the next available day, as requested by the consumer.

TDRS offers roll-off dumpsters in many different sizes, allowing consumers to choose which best suits their needs for both small and large amounts of debris. People with remodeling jobs that need additional space for building materials or those who have a lawn full of tree stumps after a natural disaster will be grateful for this added convenience.

The benefits of using a dumpster rental service during these situations cannot be overstated. TDRS dumpsters are placed on wheels so they can be moved very easily, which makes them even more convenient for dumpster consumers.

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Typical Roll-Off Dumpster Sizes, Dimensions, Weight Limits and Volume

What They're Saying

What a great company. My wife and I were remodeling our house and had a lot of debris to dispose of, and after calling around a bunch of companies we got the best impression and the best quote from TDRS. Great service from start to finish!

- Frank, Tampa

Really solid business. I flip houses in the North Tampa area and am always looking for reliable subs to work with, including trash disposal services. When I saw how reliable and affordable these guys were I was thrilled. Won't be changing.

- Darren, Wesley Chapel

I work for a facility management company and we were doing a commercial buildout in downtown St Pete and needed a roll-off dumpster. Called these guys and they had plenty of availability, delivered as agreed, and they were affordable.

​- Emma, Clearwater

Waste restrictions

We want you to feel like you got the most out of your rental, and part of that means giving you the freedom to throw in as much as you would like. However, due to legal restrictions there are certain items we cannot take, usually because they are dangerous and/or harmful to the environment. The following items must not be discarded in your dumpster (otherwise additional charges will be applied).

Restricted Items

Adhesives | Car Batteries | Fluorescent Lightbulbs

Food Waste | Freon | Hot Water Tanks

Household Cleaning Products | Inks & Resins

Oils, Fuels & Propane Tanks | Paint & Lacquers

Railroad Ties & Telephone Poles | Tires

Hazardous Waste

Flammables & Ignitables

Corrosive Waste

Biohazardous Waste

Infectious Waste | Reactive Waste

Toxic Waste​

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